The Ultimate Checklist For a Dreamy Beach Honeymoon During Covid! 🌊

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beach honeymoon checklist
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Attention beach-loving brides! Worried that covid is going to put a stop to your plans of a beachside honeymoon? Have no fear, TWB is here to help you make your dreams come true. From helping you choose an apt location to figuring out what you all need to pack from clothes to accessories, this checklist has it all. Sit back with a nice, warm beverage and get planning with us!  


beach honeymoon locations
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The locations that you can go to right now are determined by the covid restrictions of the concerned governments. For most locations, you need a covid negative test to enter the country, taken 72 hours before flight time. While interstate travel in India seems easier, the covid guidelines for certain states like Maharashtra are stern. Both near and far, here are some beach-side venues you can consider going to:

-Miami, Florida, USA

-California, USA

-Gokarna, Goa, India


-Dubai, UAE



beach honeymoon ideas
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  • Check the covid guidelines for your desired location, including at the airports and in-flight.
  • Book your flights and hotel accommodation. 
  • Make a list of activities at the resort and nearby that you’d be interested in, and pack accordingly. Eg: trekking shoes for a hilltop adventure. 
  • If you’re a foodie couple, do not forget to make a list of all the cuisines and eateries that are unique to the location. 
  • Make sure you have a camera on hand, preferably a GoPro if you have the budget for it. Otherwise your phone works fine, but consider getting a selfie stick or a tripod for documenting your honeymoon perfectly.
  • Make sure to check the weather before leaving. Pack accordingly, such as an umbrella or a light raincoat if a rain showers lightly. 
  • Make a small safety kit with all the basic medicines and ointments. 
  • Carry a bunch of face masks, shields and hand sanitizers.
  • Pack tampons, sanitary napkins or menstrual cups incase your periods come unannounced. 
  • Don’t forget your passport / travel ID, COVID test or any other necessary documents.


Your honeymoon is a good time to explore styles you don’t usually get to. Try classic whites, boho, tropical prints, pom pom, feathers and shells. Really let your fashion fag fly loose.

honeymoon outfit ideas
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  • 3 sets of bikinis/ swimsuits. 
  • 2 water-friendly shorts for when you’re in the mood for some water sports. 
  • 1 maxi dress
  • 1 playsuit
  • 3 summer tops (1 halterneck, 1 spaghetti, and 1 strapless)
  • 2 pairs of denims
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 1 maxi skirt or a flowy skirt with a high slit.
  • 1 partywear top
  • 1 party wear dress
  • 4 sets of bridal lingerie, Click here for some of TWB’s favourites.
  • 3 PJ sets for lazy afternoon lounging.


beach footwear

  • 2 pairs of flip flops or sandals that have a flat base to help you walk on the sand.
  • 1 pair of heels either in black or in nude.
  • 1 pair of sneakers must be packed for walking and travelling purposes.

BEACH ESSENTIALS (Skincare included)

skypirn beach hineymoon
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  • A waterproof, SPF 50+ sunscreen is a must at all times. Remember to use a gel based sun-screen if you have oily or combination skin. 
  • A portable flask to store cold water can go a long way in keeping you hydrated. 
  • Although boosting drinks are readily available everywhere, it’s wise to carry glucose tablets to help you beat the scorching sun. 
  • A pair or two of sunglasses to save your eyes from the UV rays. 
  • Carry waterproof makeup, foundation, mascara and eyeliner.

Follow this checklist and you’ll be totally set for your beach honeymoon. If you’re there for a longer period of time, just add a few extra pieces than what we suggested above. Be sure to tag us in your honeymoon pictures!

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