How To Plan Your Honeymoon – Pandemic Edition

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Though intimate weddings have become the #newnormal, honeymoon vacations remain a big question mark due to the Covid outbreak. We all know how the travel and tourism industries have been impacted globally and that’s why we are here to guide you today on how to plan your safe honeymoon during the pandemic.

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Research well about various countries & it’s guidelines

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  • Planning and selecting your honeymoon destination is a time taking task and that’s why we advise you to research well in advance about various countries and it’s safety guidelines during the global pandemic. 
  • Travelling internationally to your dream honeymoon destination might not be possible due to the pandemic restrictions but there are many countries where international travelling is allowed with all the safety measures. However, popular tourist areas might be restricted to the public and it would be advisable that if you go for honeymoon then ensure to follow all the safety measures all the time.

Communicate well with your vendors

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  • The next step after you have finalised your honeymoon destination is communicating well with your vendors. Confirm with your hotel, airline, travel agent, rental car agency, etc. and plan your trip accordingly. 
  • Apart from communicating to your vendors, you must also consider purchasing travel insurance where the sum amount of money will be waived off if you make any cancellation in future.

Opt for honeymoon staycation

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  • As COVID-19 is increasing day by day and the number of cases are increasing globally it would be advisable to not travel abroad for the time being. 
  • Opting for staycation seems the perfect choice for your honeymoon. Ensuring all the safety measures and travelling to nearby cities or states seems the right choice rather than travelling miles to a different country. 
  • From AirBnBs to luxury hotels you can book your hotels easily online and enjoy the local food and culture of a different city. 
  • So, pack your bags and hop into the car because a honeymoon staycation will be great fun. 

Let us know how you’re planning your honeymoon!

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