How to Create Alia Bhatt’s Au Naturel Bridal Makeup Look, As Per A Beauty Expert

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Alia-Ranbir’s wedding was definitely the talk of the town for many reasons. While there were many swoon-worthy moments and highlights from Alia & Ranbir’s wedding celebration, one thing that caught our attention and stayed with us, was Bhatt’s decision to opt for fresh face bridal makeup. Similar to electric performances one can expect from an Alia Bhatt film; Bhatt’s choice of makeup too was as impactful as her filmography. Alia’s choice to go minimal on her wedding day comes at an interesting time when a sizeable amount of people are gravitating towards makeup that doesn’t look too made-up. Be it for the celebrations or for daily wear applications.

Alia Bhatt

Though makeup preferences remain deeply personal, is this the conclusion of bridal makeup, as we know it? A new wave if you can call it that, Alia Bhatt’s minimal makeup for sure, has expanded the discourse of what a wedding makeup can also look like. Read all the intel about Alia Bhatt’s wedding here. To understand more about it, we reached out to celebrity and bridal makeup artist Meera Sakhrani to break down (and recreate) Alia Bhatt’s bridal beauty look for anyone smitten by it. Here’s what Meera said.

Meera Sakhrani
Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist Meera Sakhrani

1) What are a few common myths about bridal minimal makeup?

Alia Bhatt

A lot of people have a misconception that minimal make-up means no makeup on the skin or less make up-but in reality it takes more effort and time to make the skin look flawless as it has to be undetectable. If the skin is not perfect already it will take time and effort to perfect it and make it look almost invisible to the naked eye.

2) Can you break down Alia’s Mehendi and wedding beauty look for us? How can it be created?


Pillow Talk


Alia is definitely wearing foundation and concealer in her wedding beauty looks. To achieve a similar look, start with warming high-coverage concealer on the back of your hand. Press it on the skin lightly. Follow it up with a gold/peachy tone blush and highlight, a little bit of bronzer to balance the face, perfected bushy thick brows, some light brown eyeshadow near the lash line, and just a minimal amount of kajal with mascara. Avoid using fake lashes. Alia’s makeup revealed that she used Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury and Beautiful Stranger by Pat McGrath for her lips. Use any true nude color on the lips for a similar effect.

3) Has Alia Bhatt expanded the idea of what wedding makeup can look like?


Style is very subjective and shouldn’t be generalized. I believe for people who always wanted a minimal look now have a strong case to get the minimal look since a trend has been set. Glam is also different for different people. For some people, it might be a loud/drag queen-inspired look but for some, it can be a simple smokey eye look. People also have to understand the ‘Ranalia’ wedding was a house wedding, the whole theme was very homely, and doing a lot of makeup in that setting wouldn’t look nice also. But the weddings in India usually are major and have a stage set, the theme of the wedding itself is very out there and loud so maybe the look might not go with the setting. Yet, I would say again style is subjective.

4) Has Alia Bhatt’s wedding beauty look created an increase in the number of minimal makeup wedding look requests? 


A lot of people do feel inspired to get it, but a lot of our clients also want to feel like a glamorous heroine on their wedding day. We still have fashion/makeup icons like Rekha, Aishwarya, and Deepika. In the new age, I think Tara Sutaria takes her makeup game seriously!

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