5 Budget Wedding Planning Tips For The Smart Millennial Couple!

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Weddings in India have come a long way from dowry obligations to prenups, and are an ever-evolving paradigm. Millennial couples aren’t afraid of experimenting with the wedding rituals, attire, music or food and that’s what makes every wedding in India unique. Similarly, couples are getting smart enough to talk about joint funds and prenups at the same time. Millennial couples often question the idea of spending crores of money on three days of their lives. They gradually want to move to the simpler, budget-friendly wedding options that don’t compromise with the ‘taam-jhaam’ a wedding should have. To be of help to those millennial couples, here are some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind for saving money while having a grand wedding! 

1. Wedding Invites

One really quirky way to begin your wedding extravaganza is by sending out DIY invites. Sometimes, all it takes is a Canva account, some Pinterest inspiration and voila, you can have your own wedding invitation card ready! All you’d require thereafter is the printing number and the printing cost. About envelopes, buy them from Amazon for the best prices because local stores often charge double the cost. 

One common mistake that people make is going by the headcount while giving printing orders. A wise way to do it is going by family count. Remember to print about 25% less than the actual headcount, because there should be couples and families on the list too! 

2. Hair & Makeup

If you religiously spend an hour to practice hair and makeup for a month or two before the wedding, you actually won’t require a hair and makeup artist for all the events. It’s true, you can use YouTube as an inspiration. Sometimes, some friend or family might turn out to be a budding MUA, and they could help you for the final day. For the bride, the bride tribe is enough to pull off a beautiful makeup for the informal events, atleast. Hair & Makeup is a big part of your wedding budget and that can be smartly cut off with a little practice.

3. Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bride-tribe deserve to be treated, but that also comes at a huge price. Go for affordable fashion alternatives like fast-fashion brands H&M and Shein if you’re looking for a cocktail dress. Their collection of bridesmaid wear is immense and worth a visit. Trust The Wedding Brigade Shop for bulk orders on bridesmaid dresses, sarees, sharara sets and lehengas. 

Not necessarily costumes, you could also give them some really cool and artsy DIY gifts!

4. Bridalwear

Being a Sabya bride isn’t really a must, but looking like one is. Identify the design or pattern that you’d like for all your bridal attires and look for cheaper alternatives. Yes, cheaper alternatives to designer wear exist and market hauls often bring the bliss of budget shopping like you never knew. Wherever you belong, be it Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, we have a lot of suggestions for the budget bride that you are! 


5. Wedding Favours


Never go by the headcount for deciding how many of what to give to the attendees of the wedding. Once again, there are families and couples getting invited, and that makes your wedding favour count dropdown massively. Talking about what to give, you could go for sustainable options like beautiful flower plots or hand-made accessories or even, DIY photo frames! 


On a related note, here’s how you plan your dream destination wedding on a budget. Nevertheless, you must visit The Wedding Brigade Blog for inspiration around all the tips you just went through. In our blogs, we iterate market hauls, wedding invite and wedding favour ideas, budget-friendly wedding shopping tips and a lot more! You can never put an end to inspiration, now, can you? Think we missed out on a tip or two? Comment below and we will be back with more things weddings, soon. Also read, Earrings You Must Have For This Wedding Season!

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