This Groom Built A Maze For His Bride-To-Be In The Cutest Proposal Story We Ever Heard! ❤️

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When Sonali Fabiani shared her beautiful proposal story with the team at TWB the whole office went ‘aww’. She was also kind enough to share some insights on how to plan a wedding amidst the pandemic. Read on to discover a story of two best friends who are soon going to get hitched!

Tell us how did you meet Jaynit and how long have the two of you been together?

The two of us met at the University of Southern California during business school and were the best of friends. We started out as best friends but gradually realised that we understood each other in a way nobody else did. We came back to India and that’s when the realisation really struck. This was back in May of 2016 and he proposed to me with a letter in February of 2020.

You mentioned something about a letter, tell us more about that?

I was 9 years old when I’d declared to my grandmother that I would never have a boyfriend or get married, I would always stay home with my family. She had asked me to give it to her in writing so that she could give it to me on my wedding day. After she passed away, my dad discovered it in her safe and sent me a picture of it. I forwarded the same to Jaynit jokingly since things had clearly changed. This was many years ago. He was thoughtful enough to save it and give it to me during the proposal. It was extremely touching.

jaynit and sonali

The proposal is clearly one of the most unique ones we’ve ever seen or heard of, will you walk us through the maze?

Once I’d realised that the proposal was happening, Jaynit aka Jams walked towards me and continued to lead me through a maze. Before entering the maze, there were pictures and memories of us from the time we were babies. This was just the beginning. He went on to explain the significance attached to it and as he began to explain it to me, he understood that I was still taking it in. I took a few deep breaths to prepare myself. He knew well enough that I would get really emotional so he kept tissue boxes at every corner. He piled some up in his pocket because both of us knew that I would need them. The maze had memories of us from college. There was this huge wall with pictures of us in a jigsaw puzzle format. This was because we would call each other our jigsaw puzzle piece because that was our analogy for finally being in the right relationship where we fit together like a puzzle piece.

There were songs playing from our college days and he had even sprayed the air freshener we used to use back in our living accommodation. Every sense was taken into account!

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As we moved on, the next section was our life from the past 7 years where we’d been best friends as well as dated one another. It was filled with fairy lights and hanging photos of the two of us. All our trips and memories with each other.

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real proposal story

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The last section was filled with family pictures. Our picture with each others’ families and that’s when I noticed a picture of him with my family without me in it. This was from the time he had gone and asked for my hand in marriage from my parents. I was crying my eyes out as he kept handing me the tissue papers.

We entered the last room, which was completely aqua blue and the songs kept changing as we entered different corners. #JamsGotSoFab was displayed on one of the walls and the song ‘You & I’ played in the background. Apparently, this was the proposal room!

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Your fiance definitely knows you in & out! This proposal was entirely customized for you! When did you end up meeting all your close ones?

So Jams suggested that we walk through the entire maze the second time because this time we wanted to take pictures for memory’s sake. I agreed and as we made our way back to the blue room, I could hear a loud banging voice. Jams convinced me to think that it must be some construction work nearby and I did not think much of it. Turns out one of the walls was removed and behind that lay an open area. All my close friends and family were waiting for us to congratulate us and I could not stop myself from shedding happy tears once again.

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I’d always wanted something that was personal to who we are as a couple, something that any other couple cannot replicate. Most people pictured something extravagant like jumping off a helicopter and this guy went on to create a maze of our memories. He knew that I’d like to keep it private but also celebrate the fact with my loved ones that I was engaged. It was literally the best proposal I could have ever wanted.

How did you plan for your engagement party?

My dad wanted us to plan the engagement party by the end of the month but my work hours were pretty hectic. Everything was in full swing before I could realize and we had started hiring people. In the beginning, I had to take a back seat since my work hours did not permit me to be fully involved in all the decision making. However, it was easier to get involved once I’d given a notice to my company in order to plan everything properly. I wanted to move on and work for our NGO called Altry. Vandana Mohan’s Team and Adi Motwani’s team incorporated all the party elements we wanted, the photography was done by Reels and Frames. It was just fabulous! 

Who did you wear for your engagement party? 

My silver gown was from Manish Malhotra and Jaynit’s outfit was from Kresha Bajaj.

engagement outfit

How’s the planning for the wedding going amidst the lockdown?

We got really lucky because it was the last party all our guests remember before the lockdown. We were supposed to do it in May because we were missing Jams’ younger brother. His brother joined us at the last minute and I’m glad we had our engagement party early. 

As for wedding planning, we’re planning to do it in London during October. We’re planning a micro wedding and we also had to cancel our bachelor trips. However, I feel it is important to look at the bigger picture. The problem with postponing a wedding is that there is no guarantee until and unless there is a vaccine. The question is how long are you willing to wait?

As for the designers, everyone has risen to the occasion. Video calls and messages are going to be your best friend during this time. Your planner could send you a PPT with a mood board and you could also ask your designer to send across swatches of the material they’re going to be using to make your outfit. It’s all about jugaad!

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What would be your tips for brides-to-be who are going through something similar?

My tips for a bride or brides-to-be who are going through something similar would be to remember what’s more important to you. Remember that we’re living in the age of technology. This is the year you handle difficulties in life. You will celebrate your wedding when the time is right. 

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I would advise couples to make sure that whatever bookings you do, make sure you read contracts and ensure that there is a refund policy. I would also advise brides to make sure that they have everything ready. If you’re not sure about your trousseau, start researching so that you have an idea when the time comes. It would be easier for you and your designer to get the engine running. Lastly, make sure you have backups. In case you have an intimate wedding you would want to make sure that you have appropriate jewellery and all that comes with it.

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