Love in The Uncertain Times: Two Weddings & A War Between Russia-Ukraine

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The ongoing Ukraine-Russia war has disrupted the lives of locals unprecedently. While the negativity and horrors, this war has perpetuated have managed to scare thousands across the nations, it has failed to bring love down to its knees. We are talking about Lyubov, a Ukrainian girl who tied the knot with her Indian beau Prateek, a Hyderabad native – a day before Russia attacked her motherland Ukraine. The couple, who got married in Ukraine, managed to fly safely to India immediately.


Prateek and Lyubov, upon their arrival in Hyderabad, organized a traditional Hindu ceremony for their kith and kins. The couple had met only a few months prior to their wedding which took place in February this year. However, their brief courtship period didn’t deter these two from committing for life.

From meeting in hostile surroundings to falling for each other at the very first sight, Prateek and Lyubov’s love story is a reminder of why love is the greatest emotion of all. Their fairytale-like story demonstrates that love can bloom irrespective of time, place, and event. Circling back to the celebrations, the couple’s wedding ceremony in India was an extremely private affair – attended only by the closest members of the groom’s family. It was officiated by Rangarajan, the Chief Priest of Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hyderabad. Not just that, the temple priests performed an extensive pooja on the Hyderabad outskirts to appease the Gods for an early end to the war.

Anubhav Bhasin

Apart from Lyubov and Prateek, Anubhav Bhasin, a Delhi HC lawyer, who also happens to be singer Neha Bhasin’s brother, also tied the knot with his longtime Ukrainian girlfriend Anna Horderska in Delhi. Documenting his story, Bhasin on his Instagram wrote, “Our journey has been a crazy one since the day we met, but together we have crossed every hurdle and every problem that came our way. I am excited to start this new life with you baby. Welcome home!”

Neha Bhasin

The couple was to get married in November, but couldn’t due to the pandemic. Though the pandemic halted their wedding plans, Russia – Ukraine war couldn’t, with Anna taking a twenty-hour flight to India in the middle of the war, to get married to Anubhav. Fleeing with a handful of T-shirts and a coffee machine (Anna’s wedding present from her grandma), Anna in a BBC interview shared, “On 24 February, I woke up to the sound of bombing and my first thought was, ‘Am I dreaming?’ Then I saw messages from Anubhav and others confirming that we were under attack.”


She added that on the morning of March 17, when she landed in Delhi, Anubhav was waiting for her with flowers and balloons. “I had not expected this because Anubhav is generally a very practical person, but it was a pleasant surprise for sure,” she mentioned. Anna and Anubhav’s intimate wedding was virtually attended by Anna’s family members (based out of Cherkasy) as they couldn’t fly down because of the ongoing war. Nonetheless, Anubhav’s sister, Neha tried to make up for it by singing popular tracks such as Nai Jaana and Dil Diya Gallan, on which Anna was seen dancing enthusiastically. When times get difficult, stories like these warm our hearts and give us hope for the better peaceful days to come!

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