10 Stunning Mandap Decor Ideas For 2021 Weddings

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If there’s one element of your wedding decor to go out for, it is your wedding mandap. It is quite literally the center of your wedding, and is a symbol of auspiciousness and a bounteous marriage with it’s four pillars and canopy. While traditionally made of wood, mandaps have evolved to showcase a wide variety of themes and the bride’s desires! If you’re not sure what you want yours to look like, here are some awesome ideas sure to get your creative juices flowing! 

  1. The dress may have turned out to be blue and black, but these mandaps are certainly white and gold. A timeless and classic combination of colours, this style is perfect for couples who want a modern twist to their traditional wedding.

white gold decor

elegant mandap decor

2. If your love for your partner blooms like a flower, why not decorate your mandap with a flower for every time you’ve thought about them?

mandap decor

floral mandap decor

3. There is no life without water, and no life without love. Here is some inspiration for your dream ocean-side wedding on the beach.

beach wedding mandap decor

beach mandap decor

4. Minimalism is about making room for what matters most – you and your partner’s love for each other. These mandaps are the perfect examples of “less is more”, as the focus will be on you.

minimalist wedding mandap decor

minimal mandap decor

5. If you’re not having a traditional indoor or outdoor wedding, but want the best of both worlds, check out the options below.

indoor mandap decor

simple easy mandap decor

6. If you and your partner’s dream night is to curl up together in bed during a storm, a rustic mandap which exudes vibes of romance and comfort is the right pick for you.

rustic mandap decor

vintage rustic mandap decor

7. For those who love to float through life with their partner, why not float during your wedding ceremony too?

wedding mandap decor ideas

lake wedding venue mandap

8. Pastel colours evoke spontaneity, innocence and airiness all in one go. If these qualities mean a lot to you, give this pastel mandap a thought.

pastel sea green decor

pink pastel decor

9. Brighten up the greys of the monsoon season with a splash of colour from the rainbows that grace the skies. Take a break from the monotony of daily life with a dazzling rainbow mandap.

colourful mandap ideas

10. The sun’s cycle is a metaphor for new beginnings. If you’re looking to say goodbye to your old life and welcome your new one, these sunset and sunrise mandaps are just right for you. 

open mandap ideas

open mandap setup decor ideas

We can’t wait to see the magic you create at your wedding in the second half of 2021, let us know what other inspiration you’re looking for. 

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