12 Gorgeous Maharashtrian Brides we spotted & can’t unsee!

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A Maharashtrian wedding is vibrant with rituals and vivid colors and so is the bridal look. It screams elegance. A traditional Maharashtrian bride donnes garments and ornaments like the Nauvari saree, nath, mundavalya, half moon bindi and green glass bangles and that sets them apart from all other brides! Here are 12 jaw-dropping gorgeous brides we spot:

1. This bride is regal beauty personified!

2. A glimpse of a gorgeous Maharashtrian beauty in a classic shade of Pink!

3. We don’t know what’s more breathtaking about this bride’s look- her Saree or her jewellery.

4. Her choice of Nath with that contrasting saree is surreal!

5. No more Monday Blues for the groom it seems!

6. The Maharashtrian bride who chose to skip the Mathapatti

7. What an elegant shade of bridal Saree!

8. Orange is the new black. WHAT?

9. Brides shine like gold and glitter!

10. Again, there’s no such thing as too much jewelry!

11. Peshwai look donned so elegantly by this Peshwai bride!

12. Well hello, there!

Which look did you like the best? If you were a Maharashtrian bride, or if you really are, which color combination would you pick for your wedding attire? Let us know in the comments section below!

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