4 Affordable Flowers For Your Mehendi Decor

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If you’re planning an intimate mehendi function at home, nothing will brighten the place up as much as flowers. Using locally grown flowers is sustainable, gives employment to local vendors and will also definitely help you save a dime or two depending on the flowers you choose. So before you look at imported options do check out these amazing versatility of or local flowers below. 

Marigold (Genda) Decor: 

Marigold is a classic Indian flower that’s available throughout the year, it’s also considered auspicious and is quite budget friendly. Because of its affordability marigolds are used in strings to create interesting centerpieces and backdrops during your wedding functions. Check out these three awesome options below.

mehendi decor
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mehendi floral decor
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marigold wedding decor
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Rose Decor: 

Roses are everyone’s absolute favorite, and come in various colours which make them the numero uno option for vibrant decor. Since they’re a little bit more expensive you can use them alongside other flowers or for decorating key elements of the space such as where the bride is sitting for her mehendi.

roses for wedding decor
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wedding decor
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Bougainvillea Decor: 

Bougainvillea is found in most parts of India, and they bloom magnificently in bright colors. They can be used alongside other flowers to create a rustic overgrown yet elegant vibe.

floral mehendi decor
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Source: Bougainvillea Paradise

Sunflower Decor: 

A stunning choice for day mehendi function, sunflower adds an oomph factor to your decor and will make your setup look absolutely insta-worthy! Use them alongside muted colors such as beige and ivory to really make them pop.

sunflower mehendi wedding setup decor
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trendy wedding mehendi setup
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