Mother’s Day: A Compilation of 20+ Best Mom-Daughter Wedding Portraits We Came Across

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Mother's Day

Mothers are those sweet mush balls who care for their girls like that’s all they’ve got. There are times when she can get on your nerves, and then there are times when she is all the support you need. However bittersweet mother-daughter relationships are, one can never know what goes inside a mother’s heart at her daughter’s wedding. Well, we might not have the answer to that but we do have a bunch of mom and daughter wedding portraits lying in our treasure trove which reflect those emotions, even if partly. And what could be a better time to share them with you, a few days before Mother’s Day? So, gear up yourselves because this one is going to be all smiles and tears.

Nita Ambani

1 The Ambani’s have to lead the line, whether it is about setting lifestyle trends or this compilation of portraits. This glimmery picture of Neeta Ambani and Isha Ambani in elegant velvet lehengas shines of richness in every sense of the word. Their smiles simply add to the beauty.

Source: Pinterest

2 Donning the beautiful white wedding fits, this mother-daughter duo look absolutely delightful here. They seem blithe and peaceful, just as they should be, and the mother somehow makes us feel like she never wants to let go of her princess.

Source: Pinterest

3 The cheer on the bride’s face, her mom’s comforting smile, and her adorable furry friend in this portrait makes us go ‘(p)awww’. The mother and the fur-ball look equally cute and fond of the bride here. It will definitely take us some time to get over this.

Nafisa Ali

4 Nafisa Ali looks just as gorgeous here as she does on-screen, and that is clearly because of the joy of her daughter’s wedding celebrations. Both of them look flawless in the most pleasant pastel hues and the depth of their bond is evident in the picture.

Mother daughter
Source: Dotdusk

5 Here is another mommy and bride duo seen in a picture-perfect pose, highlighting their happiness with energizing smiles. The daughter, who has certainly inherited her mother’s charm, seems to be super lucky to have the latter always by her side. Moreover, the color-coordinated lehengas make it a wholesome wedding click. (Related Reads: 10 real brides slaying in Rimple & Harpreet lehengas.)

mother's love
Source: Pinterest

6 Captured at a beautiful moment, the pretty pair seems to be sharing an inside joke, something which defines the fun and frisky relationship that they have. Clad in bodacious blues, they are setting goals not only for wedding looks but for a healthy mother-daughter connection too.

wedding celebration
Source: Hitched & Clicked

7 We are about to say something super cliche, but the bride’s mother looks more like her sister here, and the picture is all about these two beauties flaunting their love. The cheerful shades of their outfits and lovely natural background accentuate the snap’s appeal.

Source: Pinterest

8 Forehead kisses are truly an underrated way of showing love. This tender moment captured in perfect lighting will be cherished by the duo for their lifetimes.

motherly love
Source: The Wedding Salad

9 Oh, we live for such sweet candids! And this lovely click of a mother helping her daughter get ready for her big day certainly has our heart.

candid photography
Source: EM Photography

10 This mother & daughter pair in lustrous sarees will make you tear up if you glance at their picture for too long. Just notice how the bride is consoling her mum, and you’ll realize that there are only a few things cuter than this picture.

wedding photography
Source: Pinterest

11 We just can’t decide if the flowers in this click are prettier or the duo. Gleeful and glamourous, this mother seems to be all set to get her girl married.

family photo
Source: The Wedding Salad

12 Happy brides are the prettiest, they say. But you know what? Happy moms are a hundred times prettier! Decked up in the exceptional shades of off-white and cream, this duo of ecstatic ladies has made our day.

emotional moment
Source: Pinterest

13 A mother’s warm embrace is nothing less than paradise. This monochrome photograph of a bride glued to her mother in ethereal comfort melts our heart, every single time we look at it.

happy bride
Source: Pinterest

14 Whether it’s their ravishing smiles, the bucolic bridal outfit, or the delightful edit, everything about this picture oozes beauty. If you are a bride-to-be, do make a note of this effortlessly heart-warming pose. (Related Reads: 25+ stunning black& white + color wedding portrait ideas you can use.)

Source: Dipak Studios

15 Whether a fake candid or a real one, if you are looking at each other laughing, you are going to make a smashing snap to be framed up on your wall. And these pretty women dolled up in tasteful pink are simply acing that.

Source: Eventgraphia

16 Here is an exquisite mother-daughter wedding portrait that you might want to recreate with your mom on your wedding day. The mother’s loving look stirs up a tornado of emotions while the bride dazzles in her shimmery outfit in this one.

maa ka pyaar
Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

17 And the bar for adorability just keeps going higher. This picture of a happy-go-lucky mom & daughter duo makes us want to hug both of them just like the bride is lovingly putting her arms around her maa.

candid moment
Source: Pinterest

18 Well, we didn’t want to start a tear fest but we are sorry if we just did. Vidaai clicks are both a task to look at and surprisingly, emotionally fulfilling at the same time. So, this one just had to be on this list.

Happy Mother's Day
Source: Pinterest

19 What a cute click of a mother-daughter we have here. Every picture says something and this one says that this duo doesn’t have anything to fear as long as they have each other.

Gujarati household
Source: Pinterest

20 This photograph of Gujarati mom and daughter jodi defines their beautiful bond just as it is. With the daughter giving her mum a heartful kiss and the latter looking apprehensive yet hopeful for her girl, this picture is pure gold.


21 How about we end our trail of portraits with the duo we started with? Because only one click of this enchantingly photogenic pair isn’t enough. Aren’t Ambani ladies winning the hearts in this one with their upbeat colorful attires and splendid smiles?

Share this post with your mom right away and let her know your favorite ones from the above portraits. After all, she is as (read: a lot more) excited about your wedding as you are.

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