Out with the New & In with the Old – The Best Heritage Embroidery Styles for Your Wedding Outfits

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It all started with a dream. The love for textiles and hand-made items is what pushed Aparajita to go all the way. Founded in 2018, Trisvaraa is a premium clothing label based out of Gurugram that specializes in delicate silks and intricate embroideries. Their designs are created by intensively working with the local weavers across different textile-rich Indian cities such as Bhagalpur, Chanderi, Bhuj, and Benares.

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Driven by zeal, the talented designer Aparajita Prasad decided to chase her destiny when she decided to follow her passion of mastering the art of creating timeless classics. Trisvaraa uses the most beautiful fabrics such as Banarasi, Chanderi, organza, and Kora silk with a goal to somehow incorporate the finest heritage weaves of India in the making of traditional ensembles – that are glorious and meticulously hand-crafted. This initiative is vital for many Indian craftsmen because it brings their art to the forefront of fashion and opens up doors for future opportunities.


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Although there were some rough initial years, the brand has retained its composure and finally made a name for itself. Trisvaraa believes that if a garment is made beautifully and with love, people will be drawn to it. But it wasn’t easy to create awareness about the same. It took a few years and a series of persistent attempts on the part of Aparajita to take business where it is now. As per her, all the products sold under Trisvaraa are quintessentially Indian in form and spirit. “They are traditional and timeless with a contemporary appeal,’’ she rues.


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The idea behind starting Trisvaraa was to present to the world a different interpretation of India’s heritage weaves and delicate hand-embroideries of our master weavers and talented artisans. The brand’s focus has always been to use hand-woven textiles and employ age-old skills of different kinds of hand-embroidery techniques. In line with their philosophy, the label shuns using machine-embroidery in any of their pieces. Says Aparajita,” I’ve always been a creative person at heart. The only things with which I started out were an innate love for fabrics, textiles, designs, colors, and an eye for detail.”

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Trisvaraa is for the woman of today who is beautiful, bold, smart, intelligent, and who wants to look her best every single day of her life. Each of their designs is executed with sheer perfection – from the selection of the yarn to picking the right materials for embellishments – every little detail is paid attention to, in order to create the perfect ensemble. In these times of fast fashion, Aparajita Prasad, through her label promotes the idea of sustainable and slow fashion in addition to advising people to buy less and choose well. She encourages the idea of treating hand-crafted garments as investment pieces; as these in her opinion, can be worn on multiple occasions.

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“My designs give me the freedom to express myself in a way not found anywhere else and I am looking forward to the rest of this journey”, expresses Aparajita. Had she not taken the risk, we wouldn’t have a label that not only manufactures beautiful designs but is also duly committed to improving the quality of life of India’s master weavers and artisans. Our current artisans are probably the last of their tribe and if their craft doesn’t support their livelihood, they won’t feel the need to pass it on to the next generation. Such a scenario might result in the death of various indigenous craft forms, India is known for.

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Therefore, it is important to support businesses that truly celebrate the artisan pool and fine crafts, our country has to offer. Trisvaraa is no doubt young and new, but their work is rooted in the ancient art of traditional handloom weaving and exquisite hand embroidery. If you are a lover of timeless Indian designs with a contemporary twist and are looking for the perfect traditional outfit, visit Trisvaraa and you will be thanking us later! You can purchase designs from Trisvaraa from any of the modes (offline/online) given below:

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Vakil market, 3rd Floor, Chimes Tower, Chanderlok, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

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