“We Were Best Friends Before We Realised That We Want To Spend Our Lives Together!” #RealWedding

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A couple of years ago, two strangers began a journey with friendship in mind. Two completely different people, a businessman and a psychologist. With the budding friendship, grew an irreplaceable bond that neither of them could avoid for long. Naturally, there was love, and today, the couple feels more than lucky to have one another as life-partners. Yes, having dated since May 2018, Atishay and Anvi got married in New Delhi on 2nd December 2019. The beautiful bride Anvi sat down with us for a virtual interview, and we couldn’t get enough of her! 

Where and how did you meet your Mr Perfect?

“Atishay and I met through a friend at a party in 2016 and we got along well. We became friends and spoke on and off on social media and started dating our respective partners. Both of us broke up for the same reason and that’s how we clicked and started talking again in March 2018. Then there was no stopping and we started dating in May and things got official in September.”

real indian wedding
Credits: The WOW Weddings

What was the proposal story like? 

“Atishay proposed to me on my birthday and it was dreamy, everything I could wish and imagine as perfect. The feeling was unreal because I wasn’t expecting any of it at all. So now my birthday is also the day when I got proposed by the love of my life and it’s a double celebration for years to come!”

How did you plan the wedding, what were the theme and decor like? 

“I am from a typical Punjabi household so my wedding was planned by my family. I wanted the theme to be modern and classy. So we chose hues of red with lots of warm light elements to add that perfect Indian tone to the ambience.”

Which bridal designer did you two decide to wear over the events? How did the decision-making process go?

“Since I belong to Lucknow, I wanted my lehenga to be my identity. I got a traditional red chikankari lehenga made for my wedding from Da Shalus. It took around 8 months to handcraft that lehenga and it was everything that I imagined. My cocktail outfit was from Dolly J studio and for my shagan I wore a lehenga from Shrangar. For my haldi, I wore an outfit from Ease Kv. Atishay wore gorgeous custom-made tailor outfits.”

indian bride in red lehenga
Credits: The WOW Weddings

What was the most emotional memory from your wedding event?

“So there was this video my siblings made for me on my cocktail. It was all the memories of my childhood and college. The video made me so emotional and happy at the same time. It made me feel a lot of things in one moment.”

Share with us your top tip for brides-to-be.

“There’s just one simple tip, really. Brides should just ENJOY their wedding and not stress themself out in an attempt to make everything perfect.”

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Credits: Nitin Sahni

There’s nothing more we’d want for this couple than their love to grow naturally. May their friendship and trust be stronger than them as individuals. “I think it’s a complete blessing to have him as my partner”, says Anvi, and that’s where we’re concluding this tale of love. 


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