How to Make Your Simple Saree Look Like an Investment Piece: The Style Guide

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Trends come and go but certain pieces are timelessblue jeans, the little black dress, and in the Indian context, the ever-elegant saree is the perfect piece to invest in and pass down to your next generations. It might be just a long piece of fabric but when paired with the right accessories, it can be the most versatile item in your closet. We teach you how to turn the humble saree into an effortlessly stylish designer piece.

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Source: Janhvi Kapoor

The Blouse Matters

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Source: Komal Pandey

The days of getting your blouse made from the same fabric as your saree are long gone. While you might want to reserve your traditional blouse for certain occasions, there is no harm in experimenting with different cuts and shapes for fun. Think bold prints, billowing sleeves, and interesting necklines. With the right attitude, anything can be worn as a blouse!

Choose the Right Accessories

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Source: Santoshi Shetty

Coco Chanel once said that you should always take one thing off before you leave your house, and we look at accessorizing with the same approach. Putting on too many elements can make you look like a discount rack (and nobody wants to look like that right?) We suggest picking up key pieces which truly make our saree shine. If you’re wearing a pair of statement earrings, stick to that, the same goes for a necklace and so on.

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Shoes can Make a Difference

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Just like your feet help balance your frame, your shoes help balance your outfit. This ideology works especially while wearing a saree because most of us are not blessed with a statuesque physique like Cindy Crawford and can use a couple of inches to elevate ourselves. Since a saree is more layered than a regular outfit, someone petite might get lost in it. The right shoes can make all the difference and give you a more polished look.

Draping is an art

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Source: Roshni Bhatia

The best thing about wearing an unstitched piece of clothing like a saree is that you have all the freedom to drape it the way you want. It’s also very sustainable because you can make the same outfit work in different ways and keep repeating it without any inhibitions. So join the #rewear movement and experiment with your favourite saree.

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When it comes to style, there are no definite rules but certain guidelines that can help elevate even the most mundane outfits. And once you get a hang of it, you can approach dressing like a fun game rather than an everyday chore. So bring out the sarees that you haven’t worn in yearsit’s time to experiment!

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