Are Silk Pillowcases Good For Your Skin & Hair? TWB Finds Out!

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If my life were a romantic comedy, I’d wake up with perfectly radiant skin and glossy, cascading hair every morning, and get to document my beyond-perfect life with #Iwokeuplikethis selfies. But sadly, I live in the real world which means #IWakeUpWith frizzy, dry hair, sleep lines, puffy eyes and a general feeling of exhaustion & stress.

As a bride-to-be and a functional human being with a 9×5 job, I am supposed to get 7-8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep every night. Lack of sleep is known to wreak havoc on our skin. When you’re sleep-deprived, you body releases the stress hormone cortisol which increase your stress levels and inflammation in the body.

This can result in skin problems like acne, dark circles, under-eye bags, dry patchy skin, rapidly aging skin and more vicious conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

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Long story short, blissful sleep is crucial to skin health. But as busy brides with hectic work schedule and perpetual stress, how do we ensure we fall asleep on time and make the most of our slumber?

Enter Dame Essentials, with what they claim to be ‘India’s first anti-ageing 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase’.

Silk pillowcase by Dame Essentials

Silk pillowcases, a Kardashian-approved beauty sleep must-have, have been receiving a lot of love in the beauty world, from supermodels to fashion gurus swearing by their skin and hair care properties. But till date, getting your hands on a pure silk pillowcase within your budget was quite a challenge.

Dame Essentials aims to fix that. How well? Let’s find out!

What’s In The Box?

The charcoal grey silk pillowcase came wrapped in a beautiful box along with three pure silk scrunchies in the softest, prettiest colors ever!

Note: One of the hair ties snapped after 3-4 uses.

Promise Of Good Skin

As a bride, anything that promises me healthy skin goes into my bridal checklist. So I was blown away upon learning about the skin benefits of silk pillowcases. Unlike cotton, silk helps our skin absorb the goodness of our night creams and serums better (cotton on the other hand, absorbs it out of our skin, leaving it dry and splotchy).

It is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, which means less pore-clogging bacteria causing acne, pimples and breakouts and clearer skin, whereas constant friction between skin and cotton pillowcase leads to loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and early ageing.

The first few days of using, I woke up with my facial skin feeling less rough than when I sleep on abrasive cotton. I wouldn’t say I looked absolutely radiant but I definitely looked well-rested and fresh. There were fewer sleep lines. I had applied a serum followed by my daily night cream the nights before and the fabric helped absorb all its goodness without letting it stick to the case surface so that was a big bonus.

Severe breakouts on my skin prior to using the pillow, plus stress lines and general sleep deprivation


Visible reduction of breakouts plus less visible stress lines due to good sleep and moderately healthy lifestyle

As the days went, I noticed less acne breakouts. While the result does not happen overnight, my skin did feel smoother upon waking up every morning.

Good Hair

Growing up, my grandmother used to chide me for sleeping with my hair open on a cotton pillowcase. Reason? Cotton cases cause split ends and breakages due to repeated friction. Cotton being an absorbent fabric, your hair also tends to lose moisture overnight. Result? Dry, frizzy hair!

Silk helps retain moisture in your hear and keeps it smooth & prevents it from turning frizzy, getting tangled and helps your blowout last longer. Bonus – it is also highly recommended by Jen Atkin, the go-to hairstylist of the Kardashian-Jenner-Hadid-Teigens.

The first few days of using it, I noticed less loose strands of hair on my pillow. While I had bedhead, my hair was less tangled, thanks to the less to no friction with the smooth texture of the pillowcase. With more frequent use, I saw some distinct improvement in my hair quality.

Slight morning frizz aside, my hair feels smoother and with less breakage

On some nights, I tied my hair into a loose ponytail with the silk scrunchies and saw visibly less tangle the next morning. The smooth fabric was gentle on my brittle, frizzy hair and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Blissful Sleep

Did you know, 100% pure mulberry silk is naturally cool to touch and regulates body heat? For people like me who run hot and find it easier to sleep in cool ambiences, the pillow was a godsend. I slept off almost immediately (partly thanks to exhaustion) with my cheeks touching the soft, smooth silky case and woke up more well-rested, compared to other nights.

Why good sleep is crucial for radiant skin? Because your skin repairs itself at night. Serums, night creams, overnight face masks will not work if you’re not getting 7-8 hours of good sleep every night. The Dame Essentials silk pillowcase was extremely comfortable, almost luxuriously so, and helps you sleep in a temperature-regulated environment that’s ideal for restful slumber.

Am I a convert? You bet!

Final Verdict:

The Dame Essentials silk pillowcase is a decadent self-care boost every bride-to-be needs. But remember, it’s not a bridal beauty cure-all. Your sleep routine has to be supplemented by good clean diet, exercise and sound mental health.

But if you want to switch up your beauty routine, this beauty pillowcase is the new trend you need to embrace. This humble bedroom accessory comes at a slightly steep price of INR 5549/- but it’s worth a restful night’s sleep, every day.

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