Slow Beauty, Bio Glitter & More: 8 Sustainable But Stylish Beauty Cues To Bookmark

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The beauty industry at large and the cosmetics sector, in particular, have long been synonymous with a multi-pronged approach to achieving a picture-perfect glamorous appearance. While industries around the world take a long hard look at how sustainable their practices are, the onus remains largely on us, the consumers, to adopt a greener approach to make up for the best interests of our planet. So, if sustainability has long been on your radar and you’ve been overwhelmed by the wide variety of ways you can go about it – TWB’s got you covered.

Sustainable Makeup
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Recycling Empties


By far, one of our favorite picks of the lot, recycling empties is the best way to reduce plastic waste when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. Several brands offer options that range from getting refills (which cost less) or exchanging empty containers for new products at discounted rates.

Knowing the Sustainable brands

Sustainable Beauty
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Some beauty brands are greener than other brands. This is the harsh reality of the cosmetics industry. It’s important as consumers to evaluate what brands have adopted a greener approach to their formulations and packaging and opt for those bearing in mind that they don’t always carry a price premium!

Go Minimal

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While it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of foundation you’re using – only to find yourself washing it off your hands later; it’s important to be cognizant of using makeup in small increments. These small acts can go a long way and save you money in addition to being great for the environment.

Marie-Kondo (simplify) your beauty regimen

Beauty Regimen
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Simplifying your makeup and skincare regimen can go a long way over an extended period of time when it comes to your sustainability goals. Buying a versatile product that can do some serious heavy lifting in your routine can help eliminate packaging waste while also being easier on the wallets. A little hack here: Using powder foundation over separate foundation and powder or substituting your daytime eyeliner with an eyebrow pencil is an easy but impactful swap.

Saying no to single-use tools

Clean Beauty

Single-use makeup tools are by far some of the worst polluters in the space. Whether it’s single-use cotton pads or makeup wipes (which are terrible for the skin to begin with) not only create enormous amounts of waste but are fiscally irresponsible. Opt for reusable, washable pads and ditch that make-up remover for a large container of micellar water!

All that glitters is not damaging the environment

Body Glitter
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It is well known that microplastics, microbeads, and glitter are terrible for the environment and pose several health hazards for ocean fauna as well. Swapping these for bio glitter (which is plant-based, environment-friendly glitter) can be a great way to add a little sparkle to your day in a more conscientious manner.

Paying attention to formulations

Conscious Beauty

It’s easy to believe that chemicals absolutely belong in your cosmetics. As such, a plethora of brands offer 100% vegan, chemical-free formulations which are just as effective as makeup packed full of harmful ingredients. Avoiding petroleum derivatives such as paraffin oil, propylene glycol, and ethylene by paying attention to formulations and opting for ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, and vegetable oils can go a long way.

Shop Local

Vocal For Local
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Lastly, one of the best ways to cut down on greenhouse emissions when shopping for just about any product – including cosmetics, is to shop local. Locally manufactured products significantly cut down on logistics-related emissions thereby contributing a great deal to your sustainability journey.

To sum it up, there’s a whole host of sustainable options in 2021 that can be taken up when it comes to makeup. It’s important to take the slow approach on your sustainability journey and adopt what practices work best for you, as it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sea of information out there. In the meanwhile, keep the lookout for sustainable options that work for you, and be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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