Sonam Kapoor Wedding Makeup Look: A Full Breakdown!

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Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja are officially married.

The couple tied the knot in Mumbai, India today and all the ceremonies are nothing short on wedding inspiration.

It was no surprise Sonam’s makeup was done by Namrata Soni, one of her closest friends & her go-to makeup artist for all events. We love the minimalistic makeup look and there are definitely some takeaways!

Namrata’s kept her entire look NATURAL. Keeping that in mind, here’s the breakdown of Sonam Kapoor’s summer wedding no-makeup makeup look


Lashes: Namrata Soni mentioned she’s given Sonam individual lashes, which is great because individual lashes look better than full lashes, which can end up looking bulky and super thick. The individual lashes and mascara are blended perfectly!

Brows: Namrata’s gone for dark brows for Sonam, giving her entire face a little bit more dimension!

Eyeliner: Sonam’s got a very thin strip of eyeliner, adding to the overall natural look

Eyeshadow: Once again, Namrata’s kept it super simple and light with a light gold shimmer shadow.


Sonam’s face makeup is not glossy at all! She’s applied a really light pink blush, which is ideal for a day wedding. She hasn’t really use any kind of bronzer or contoured; her overall look undertones are red/pink. Keeping the weather conditions in mind (its hot = sweat / dewey = can sometimes look sweaty) Namrata hasn’t added any highlighter for Sonam and kept it matte.


Sonam’s lips have a red tint, keeping it light, with a hint of gloss, adding to the overall natural look.

Namrata Soni has done a fab job keeping the weather in mind – matte makeup is perfect for the day and ideal for photos, the look is summer-y and not OTT. I am pretty sure that was intentional though, ’cause Sonam’s full wedding ensemble – a traditional red lehenga, gold jewellery, the statement matha patti – is heavy and in order for those to shine, the makeup had to be minimal. (Imagine a bright, poppy glossy red lipstick OR some heavy handed highlighter!)

We LOVED Sonam’s summer no-makeup makeup look and cannot wait for her reception makeup & outfit!

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