30+ Insta-Worthy Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas Which Are FAB!

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Brides! I am sure that you must be super busy in the wedding madness & bookmarking your favorite wedding vendors on the TWB or even ordering your favorite wedding outfits without any doubt. As you must have ticked off your wedding lehenga, makeup artist and mehendi artist for your winter wedding here lies a very important pre-wedding idea that you shouldn’t miss at all. 

From capturing cute candid pictures to unbelievable aerial shots with drone cameras to a beautiful pre-wedding cinematography! A pre-wedding photoshoot is something that is a big HIT in the Indian weddings & trust me that you won’t regret it later. So from including a backpacking idea to clicking pictures with sadhu babas, get a pre-wedding shoot 2 to 3 months before the wedding & don’t forget to bookmark these 30+ Insta-worthy (trendy & unconventional) ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot! 

P.S.: Don’t miss the Sundowner Photoshoot that is so magical & dreamy

Paw-adorable for the Animals Lovers & Couples!

If I had to describe them in one word it will definitely be LOVE! From cute little puppies to beautiful horses if you’re a couple that loves animals, then don’t forget to include them in your pre-wedding photoshoot & get adorable candid photographs clicked!

Couple who love animals
Image via: Happy Flashbacks; Vintage Films Photography

Horse riding is a fun way to go for your pre-wedding shoot, which is definitely giving us some #royalvibes !

Couples with horses
Image via: Happy Frames; Destination Photographers

Trendy Backpacking pre-wedding photoshoot idea to Bookmark right away! 

One of the coolest & new pre-wedding photography idea that is going super-trendy is the backpacking. Whether you’re trekking on the mountains or going for campaigning get a quirky pre-wedding photoshoot like this one!

trekking photographs

Love ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’? Relive the moments on your pre-wedding shoot!

couples who trek
Image via: Shutterdown Photography; Delusion Photo

Sunbathing to Swimming! Fun Beach vibes for the shoot!

 One pre-wedding photoshoot idea that can never go wrong is a fun beach shoot for the water babies. From doing water sports such as diving together to chilling at the beach get ready for the fun & exciting shoot with your bae!

rings inspiration
Image via: For People in Love; Photos By Maharshi
couples at the beach
Image via: Couple Away

TWB Tip: Don’t forget to carry a swimsuit/bikini, a dress for the change and some props like sunglasses, playcards, hat & colorful poppers to add some enjoyment in the shoot!

couples who travel
Image via: Amrit Photography; Destination Photographers; Gautam Khullar Photography; Dream Diaries

Want a Romantic pre-wedding shoot? A Desert with Camels is for you, girl! 

If you’re the couple who is not a big fan of water & beach, then guys we have an option for you. A desert that will be too romantic, fun & quirky for a pre-wedding photography can work wonders for you. From camel rides to dancing on a traditional Rajasthani folk dance a desert in India or abroad for a pre-wedding cinematography is a beautiful idea for a couple shoot!

couples at the desert
Image via: Shades Photography India

*Bonus: We also have stunning gowns, dresses & lehengas from TWB Shop that you can definitely pick for your desert shoot!

couples at the desert
Image via: Joseph Radhik

Quirky Photoshoot for the ‘extra’ordinary couples!

Alright! I admit that this one is my FAVORITE! Being one of the coolest and funniest ideas of pre-wedding photoshoot I must say that I haven’t come across anything like this till yet! Be it clicking candid photographs beside a ghat or going little ‘hatke’ & capturing candid shots with sadhu babas. If you’re a couple who can do anything for a ‘good’ picture, then guys you can’t miss this quirky idea for your shoot! 

couples at Benaras
Image via: Happy Flashbacks; Destination Photographers

Or, how about going out of the box & having some fun with bae?

funny couples
Image via: Happy Flashbacks; Shades Photography India

Breath-taking landscape for the lovey-dovey twosome!

As you scroll down to the next pre-wedding shoot idea, well our eyes are literally popping out for the beautiful landscape shots we have in store for you!

couples at the beach
Image via: Stories By Joseph Radhik; Vintage Films Photography

Setting amidst from the urban city, going to a beach side, soaking the peace on the mountains or making memories near a waterfall – the world is a treasure and there is no better place for a fabulous pre-wedding photoshoot! *Checked – Mountains, Waterfall, Beach & Forest 🙂 

couples at waterfalls
Image via: Amrit Photography; Happy Flashbacks; Shutterdown Photography

A Pre-wedding Shoot on a Boat? Hell Yeah!

Sounds so dreamy, right? Well, it’s even better when you ride it with your husband-to-be! From beautiful valleys of Jammu and Kashmir to gorgeous ocean of Bali book a pre-wedding photographer for the dreamy pictures!

couples on a boat

couples on a boat

We also spotted this beautiful aerial shot of a couple by Shutterdown Photography and we think its giving us major #weddingphotographygoals!

couples on a boat
image via: Shutterdown Photography

Jammu & Kashmir is a beautiful place for a pre-wedding photoshoot and even for a destination wedding. So, if you want to experience heaven on earth and that too for your wedding this is the place to be!

couples on snowfall
Image via: Shades Photography India

When North met South! Azmat & Azeem who had a dreamy pre-wedding shoot in Kashmir went viral all over the net for all the right reasons!

Kashmiri couples
Image via: Beginnings For You

A Gorgeous Sundowner photoshoot that we ALL want to be part of!

You must’ve heard of sundowner parties but today we’ve got you a sundowner pre-wedding photoshoot that you will fall in LOVE for sure! Don’t agree? Take a look.

couples under fairylights
Image via: Amrit Photography

Brides-to-be! I can totally understand that money can be a restriction to your pre-wedding shoot but how about I tell you that you can get one without burning a whole in your pocket? From fairy lights to florals and wine – camp with your bae under the stars and feel like a princess at your shoot!

couples under fairylights
Image via: Amrit Photography

Looking what to wear on your pre-wedding shoot? TWB shop is here for you, girl!

couples under lights
Image via: Amrit Photography; Dream Diaries


Bookworm Lovers that we can’t Ignore at all!

Are books your life, after your partner? Get a cute pre-wedding photograph with your favorite books and novels to add some quirkiness to the shoot!

bookworms lover
Image via: We Dont Say Cheese

From DDLJ to K3G! Bollywood style shoot that is totally Jhakaas!

One for the ‘filmi’ couple who can’t get out of Bollywood! If you’re obsessed with characters from DDLJ just like we are, then how about recreating the Bollywood scenes to your shoot!

couples in field
Image via: Shades Photography India; Beginnings For You

From London to New York! A Destination pre-wedding shoot is a big YES!

If planning a destination pre-wedding shoot is on your checklist, then girl I have so many places to recommend. From London to Paris to New York to Australia and to Indonesia you should book a pre-wedding photographer well in advance and explore the place(s) you want to visit to capture the memories.

couples on a bridge
Image via: Shutterdown Photography

Be it a beach pre-wedding photoshoot or the iconic countryside a destination pre-wedding shoot is a big YES from our side!

couples on a bridge
Image via: Shades Photography India; Joseph Radhik

Or, how about creating a Dramatic Look with your Gown? 

Want some drama in your pre-wedding photoshoot? An elegant long gown or a flowy dress can definitely create that dramatic look that you have always wanted! 

dramatic gown
Image via: Vintage Films Photography

TWB Tip: Make sure to discuss the photography shots well in advance with your photographer!

dramatic gown
Image via: Amrit Photography; Vintage Films Photography

Lavender Love in Europe!

Captured by famous wedding photographer Joseph Radhik we spotted this path-breaking picture of lavender fields that are just entrancing for a pre-wedding shoot! Don’t you agree?

lavendar fields
Image via: Stories By Joseph Radhik

TWB Tip: Taking pictures with or beside beautiful florals is a smart way to get pre-wedding photos on the spot!

lavendar fields
Image via: Stories By Joseph Radhik

For the Fun-tastic Foodie Couples who love to EAT!

If food is your life & you can do anything for it, then you have landed on the right page. Be it shooting at a restaurant or a date night with bae – capture fun and romantic pictures you can cherish throughout your life!

couples eating breakfast
Image via: Shutterdown Photography

The Gerua Magic from #Dilwale giving us Bollywood vibes!

Don’t we all LOVE Shahrukh Khan and Kajol right from DDLJ to K3G and now Dilwale movie? Recreate the gerua song just like the Bollywood actors & look FAB on your shoot!

Korean Couple Photoshoot
Image via: Bking Photo

A photoshoot that you just don’t want to miss! Right?

Korean Couple Photoshoot
Image via: Photon Image; Bking Photo

Magical ‘I Do’ pre-wedding shoot that every girl wants!

One famous trend that we saw in 2019 is a very romantic ‘I Do’ photoshoot for a proposal or a pre-wedding cinematography that is going viral over the internet. Be it newly engaged Malvika Sitlani or married Srishti S Bhatia we love how these brides are creating magic with their shoot!

Malvika Sitlani engagement picture
Image via: Malvika Sitlani; Stylefashionetc; Shutterdown Photography

‘Under the stars & snowy skies I dream’! 

Next up is for the couples who are as adventurous as we are. We know it sounds crazy but how about the idea of traveling to Antarctic & Arctic that too for your pre-wedding shoot? 

Pre wedding photoshoot
Image via: Acapella Photography; Riley Tah

Pilot to Uniform Themed pre-wedding Shoot for the Same Profession!  

Working in the same profession? We spotted this Insta-worthy pilot themed pre-wedding shoot that we all LOVED at the TWB office and couldn’t resist to share with you guys.

Pilot wedding photoshoot
Image via: Shades Photography India

Or, how about getting clicked in a uniform with your fiance? 

Pilot photoshoot
Image via: Photography Destination; Bokeh Ads

Beautiful Backdrop with Fairy Lights to Ring-o-stars!

A trendy & an unconventional pre-wedding shoot that is Insta-worthy and has won our hearts is a very LIT LED effect shoot that will brighten up your pictures like anything. You can put fairy lights or LED lights as a backdrop for the shoot and look like a million bucks!

Ringo star photography
Image via: Prewedding Dipakstudios; Shades Photography India;  Shutterdown Photography; Into Candid Photography

Old is gold! Monuments that Convey your Love Story *Taj Mahal included*!

Are you a millennial couple who is getting married soon? Sticking to its traditional roots yet being modern from heart is something that you can experiment in your pre-wedding photoshoot! 

Photoshoot in Rajasthan
Image via: Vintage Films Photography; Destination Photographers

Also, an old fort, killa or a beautiful palace beside a valley would work wonders for the shoot! TWB Tip: Don’t forget to carry extra clothes so that you have a variety of good pictures! 

Monument Photoshoot

On the Streets that is Elegant & Sophisticated! 

Beside eating & shopping there is so much you can do on the streets. From clicking pictures against the street art to capturing moments on a beach. Street pre-wedding shoot is a great idea who wants something reasonable, elegant & sophisticated!

street photoshoot
Image via: Dream Diaries
street photoshoot
Image via: Gautam Khullar Photography; Dream Diaries

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together!

PUBG & playstation fan? Get your playstation console ready cause we bet you that you will die laughing with the reactions 😉

Fun photoshoot
Image via: Happy Flashbacks; We Dont Say Cheese

Rain Droplets Captured along with your Memories!

Rain just spoilt your pre-wedding shoot? Grab your umbrellas and get fab pre-wedding photographs in the rain with water droplets captured beautifully. (PS. If umbrella looks like a hindrance to your shoot, just have fun and enjoy yourself in the rain)

Raindrop photoshoot
Image via: Gji Photography; Cinestyle India

‘I dare you’! An Underwater shoot for the ‘hatke’ Twosome!

If rain looks like a boring idea to you, then how about going all the way to a swimming pool? Underwater pre-wedding photoshoot is an unconventional idea for the ‘hatke’ couples who can do anything for fabulous pictures.

underwater bride
Image via: Shades Photography India

BTW, how about you dare him for an #underwatershoot ?

pre wedding shoots
Image via: Happy Frames; Cinnamon Pictures

The Cosy Shoot for the Winter pre-wedding photography!

Wedding season is at its peak and The Wedding Brigade office is working day and night for you so that you have a beautiful winter wedding, bride-to-be! From inspirational pictures to your favorite blog section, we have stunning winter pre-wedding shoot options like the #cosyshoot with your bae beside a campfire!

pre wedding shoot idea
Image via: Amrit Photography

You don’t need a reason to hug him this winter wedding season!

Couples in Winter
Image via: Destination Photographers

#RoyalVibes with Vintage Cars? Fancy!

There is something special about vintage cars. I mean, gone are the days when one used to see this beauty. But how about you ride a one on your pre-wedding shoot and get some #royalvibes !

Couples in Vintage cars
Image via: Happy Frames; Shades Photography India

Bring back your Childhood days with this fun pre-wedding photoshoot!

While, others may get romantic and all on their pre-wedding shoot you can get your childhood days back,at your pre-wedding shoot! Simply, just play & pose with your bae and have FUN girl 😉

Fun photoshoot ideas
Image via: Mangotree Wedding Company

He brings colors to your life! Isn’t it?

Holi couples
Image via: Beginnings For You; Dream Diaries

Also, how about Chai Pe Charcha with your fiance?

pre wedding shoot ideas
Image via: Happy Flashbacks

‘Winter is coming’! And, the Zorb Ball is for you Two!

Sounds crazy, right? If you’re having a winter pre-wedding photography, then we spotted this fantastic idea of Zorb Ball for you both. Be it staying in the zorb ball or getting #cosy, this winter get into a zorb ball with your bae & make some memories!

Zorb Ball
Image via: Mary Annhk

‘Friends are family’ even on a pre-wedding shoot 😉

If you feel that clicking pictures with your bae would be boring, then why not call out your #gang? ‘Friends are family’ & including them in your pre-wedding shoot is a fun way + amazing candid pictures that would make you laugh for ages is guaranteed!

pre wedding shoot ideas
Image via: Epic Stories

#Squad that will never leave your side

pre wedding shoot ideas
Image via: Epic Stories

Star under the Stars! *bling*

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her voice and can’t thank her enough for the wonderful songs that she has sung for us. From ‘Jiya Re’ to ‘Aithey Aa’- Neeti Mohan & (Nihaar Pandya) looked gorgeous under the stars & fairy lights and we think it’s #dreamy !

Neeti Mohan wedding
Image via: Neeti Mohan

Lastly, the Trendy Smog Pre-wedding Photoshoot for the Delhi Couples!

Lastly a pre-wedding photoshoot that happened recently in Delhi and went viral all over the internet. A trendy smog pre-wedding photograph captured under the pollution is something that we couldn’t miss to share with you! 

Smog in Dlehi
Image via: Banjara Studios

I have bookmarked my Insta-worthy pre-wedding photoshoot idea! Which one(s) will you prefer for your pre-wedding shoot? *Tell is in the comment section below!

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