Celebrating #EarthDay: 4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Trousseau Sustainable

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sustainable wedding outfits
Source: Vogue

It is a widely known fact that Indians go all out on our wedding celebrations, no expenses are spared and nothing is ever too much. But with the pandemic making us more grounded, more and more brides have started to realise the importance of cutting back on the unnecessary and giving back to the environment. And we, at The Wedding Brigade feel the same way. That’s why, in the spirit of celebrating #EarthDay, we have curated a list of four ways you can be more sustainable while building your wedding trousseau. Keep reading!

Heirlooms are Forever

Source: Ritu Kumar


Source: Ritu Kumar

Be it inheriting your grandmother’s dazzling Kundan necklace or deciding to wear your mother-in-law’s wedding lehenga with a modern twist—opting for heirloom pieces is the easiest way to go sustainable. The most prominent example being the gold sharara that has been passed on through generations in the Pataudi family; and thanks to Ritu Kumar, it looks just as elegant and timeless each time it’s worn.

Invest in New Age Sustainable Fabrics

sustainable wedding outfits
Source: Hemang Agrawal


sustainable fabric for lehenga
Source: Hemang Agrawal

Sustainable fabric is made of natural or recycled materials that cuts down on environmental harm caused by the conventional production process. There’s no one way of defining a sustainable fabric, but the rule of thumb would be to choose a clothing that is made out of natural fabric like cotton, hemp, silk, linen, bamboo linen, etc. Sustainable fabrics are popping up on the bridal scene like never before. For his Fall 2020 collection titled “Tattva”, designer Hemang Agrawal collaborated with Bemberg India to create a sustainable fabric made with regenerated cellulose fibre. An amalgamation of old Banarasi weaves with the new techniques, this is perfect for eco-friendly brides who care about the planet. 

Re-wearing is Cool

home-grown fabric
Source: Viral Bhayani

When was the last time you wore a piece of clothing from your wedding trousseau? We can’t remember either. But if the likes of Deepika Padukone can make rewearing look cool then why not make it an eco-chic habit? Instead of reaching for your wallet each time you have a new function, spend some time accessorising your favourite old outfits and rewear them with pride!

Build a Capsule Trousseau

lehenga sustainable
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Often times we find ourselves asking the question—“how much is too much?” When it comes to building a trousseau, think of it like a key capsule wardrobe—bridal edition. Important pieces like your wedding lehenga, jewellery, shoes, bag, makeup case are definitely going to be there but draw a line at how many other things you really ‘need’ and in what quantities? Because let’s be honest most of it will not even interest you a few years down the lane. 

Our advice? Invest in classics and more casual outfits that you can wear for festivals, friend’s weddings, and other special celebrations – those will be worn most often and are usually less expensive too. Buy what you truly consider worth wearing for a long time, and eventually pass it down to your next generation.

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