The 7 Coolest Wedding Invitation Ideas – 2022

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Wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will get into your wedding – and we truly believe that it is important to harness the opportunity to express the couple’s personalities, and to give guests a feel of the events to come. You could keep it simple by going with traditional colours or motifs, but if you are looking to experiment, we have curated a list of 7 ideas that are out-of-the-box and super memorable: 


1. Love Story Invite:

We were impressed by this Bombay Wedding Company invitation card, where they used a photograph from the couple’s proposal and drew out the silhouette in gold foil. The envelopes were lined with suede to add a luxurious touch, and finished off with a gold ribbon. This was a great idea because it not only made the invite more personal, but it also helped preserve one of the best moments from their love story forever!


Source: Bombay Wedding Company


2. Music Box Invite:

We are all familiar with the concept of a music box, but did you know you can take it one step further by recording a personalised audio message for your guests and sending it out as an invite? Hearing your voices as you invite them will make your guests feel special and valued, and you can use the sides of the music box to add important information about the wedding too, or even store a treat for your guests in a drawer underneath! 

Source: Pinterest


3. Coin Invite:

This is a super cool idea: enclose a gold-plated coin in a box with a note that reveals itself upon scratching. This gives the recipient a unique experience and makes the invite more interactive. You can even emboss the coin with your names or a picture to make the invite more special.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


4. Scroll Invite: 

A good old-fashioned scroll is synonymous with royalty, and is probably the most traditional idea on this list. You can get calligraphy done instead of printing the text to match the old-world vibe of the scroll. In addition, you can use a wax stamp to seal each scroll, and even personalise the stamp with your initials! 

Source: Pinterest


5. Basket Invite:

Sending a box of goodies is always a fun way to invite guests. Use a wooden tray or basket and fill it with items like confectionery jars, muffins wrapped in colourful parchment paper, and handmade chocolates (make sure to include things you know your guests will like / eat so they won’t go to waste). Flowers and decorative ribbons can be added to beautify the basket further. This can obviously get a little expensive, so you could also choose to just send it to close friends and family. 

Source: Pinterest


6. Key Invite:

There is something incredibly exciting about receiving a key – you never know what treasures await beyond the locked door. We think it is an awesome way to send a wedding invite as it adds an element of excitement, and the key will signify the recipient’s importance as someone you value and trust. Attendees will need to bring the key to enter the venue, and you could even have a special door they must unlock themselves before entering! 

Source: Pinterest


7. Video Invite:

At a time when nearly everything we buy is a click away, it’s only natural that wedding invites have evolved digitally as well. These virtual invites are extremely cost-effective and they make it easier to keep track of RSVPs. Whether your invite is in the form of a video or a still, designing it on the screen gives you the freedom to do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do with a tactile invite. Also it’s super environmentally friendly!

So, which one of these wedding invitation ideas caught your eye? Let us know!

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