7 Hacks To Make Your 2020 Wedding Shoot Go Viral!

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Tadaaa! 2020 is here and TWB wishes you Happy New Year!

First let’s start with the first and the biggest news of the year 2020, a proposal went viral on the internet like wild fire and we can’t keep calm! Yes! Hardik Pandya & Nataša Stanković just got engaged in Dubai and shared their engagement photos and videos on Instagram! In case if you haven’t checked it yet then check out their cute proposal that will make you fall in love with them!

Image via: Hardik Pandya & Nataša Stanković

It’s finally 2020 and there is no doubt that today each one of us are on social media where we LOVE sharing our opinions, photos, videos, boomerangs and constantly keep in touch with our loved ones. Well, honestly speaking weddings and social media is something that goes hand in hand and we saw tons of them going viral on the net for all the right reasons.

Image via: A Knotty Tale

As we bookmarked our favorite(s) viral wedding photoshoot of Kashmir couple who looked stunning in the photos, bride Pratishtha who was a big hit on Instagram for her viral wedding dance and the viral wedding video of a bridal squad on single rehne de song by CoolBluez Photography that gave us #bridesmaids goals. It looks like we all are totally obsessed with social media and waiting for something ‘hatke’ and unique this year as far Indian weddings are concerned.

Image via: Naman Verma, David Bastianoni Studio; Dominicchristianphotography

As 2019 gave us some really cool viral content, it will be interesting to see what 2020 has in store for us and today, here we are with 7 Tips, Tricks & Hacks to make your wedding shoot/videos go viral on social media in 2020! So, start following them right away because who knows, you could be one of the most famous brides to go viral on the internet and set a trend for the brides-to-be!

Image via: Chandni Kumar

Tip #1: Create your wedding hashtag!

#DeepVeer, #Virushka, #PSILoveYou, #Sannasdubae or #Nickyanka – wedding hashtag is something that has become a big trend in the wedding industry. Be it Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra Jonas or famous entrepreneurs like Sanna Vohra and Pernia Qureshi Gilani – create a fun wedding hashtag for your wedding & make sure to include them in your wedding invitation cards because:

  • Firstly your guests can tag your nuptial ceremonies & wedding day on social media sites
  • Secondly, it gives an identity/name to your wedding, and
  • Thirdly, you will be having all your wedding pictures, videos and boomerangs on your Instagram page, which will make it easier to find and save your D-day photos for the rest of your life!
Image via: Epic Stories

Brides! Don’t forget to check out How To Make A Wedding Hashtag 101 if you’re feeling confused.

Trick #2: Get unique with your wedding video & photo shoot 

Aren’t we all done and dusted with the same old one hour wedding videos and photo shoots that are so outdated and boring? Its 2020 and we highly recommend that you pick a fun, quirky and  unique idea for your wedding photo shoot or the video that will always be nostalgic when you replay your memories years later.

Image via: Epic Stories

Here are a couple of options that were a big hit on the internet & you may pick them for your wedding day too:

‘Single Rehne De’ bridal squad that we LOVED & cannot stop watching on repeat!  

Bridechilla! Bride Pratishtha who vent viral on the internet for her dance moves! 

Cute bridal solo performance by a very popular fashion and beauty influencer theimagecode that made us go aww! 

View this post on Instagram

In a room full of people, the only person I was dancing for was you 🧡🧡🧡 & your smile made it feel like I was dancing though a dream | Surprise dances are the best! 🤗 Choreographed by the lovely @aksheeta Wearing @anamikakhanna.in Earrings @birdhichand Aatef’s outfit by @kunalrawalofficial Makeup by @tejasshahmakeup Hair by @namrata0709 Captured by @recall_pictures Song – Kithe Reh Gaya – @neetimohan18 . . . . #AaliyAatef #Mehndi #mehndidance #surprisedance #bollywooddance #dancelover #AnamikaKhanna #BridesofIndia #Indianbride #Bridaldance ##indianweddings #WeddingInspo #weddingblog #punjabisong #punjabidance #bridestyle #Mehendioutfit #weddingphotography #forever #Bridalportraits #indiansangeet #NeetiMohan #kitherehGaya

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Or, how about breaking the internet with your bff & sisters on your favorite songs? BTW, 100 marks to their outfits! 

We also spotted this epic baraat flash mob where ladki wale welcoming the baraat in style was so cool! 

And, this one that proves that LOVE has no age! The couple who went viral for their dance! 

Hack #3: Keep it authentic & real so that viewers can relate to it

Yes! Keep it unique and fun but at the same time make sure that your wedding day video or wedding photo shoot is not irrelevant or unreal. Definitely pick an idea such as mountain pre-wedding shoot, scuba diving photo shoot or a bridal squad dancing video that will have a high-probability of getting viral on the net.

Image via: Weddings Aaron Obed

Also, what matters the most is that you need to shoot in such a way that makes it authentic, real and at the same time viewers on social media can relate to your idea rather than feeling confused at the end or not connecting with your love story. So, our hack #3 is to keep it simple, sweet yet modern for your wedding day so that you can get tons of likes, comments, shares and dm’s + you’ll get famous! Who has a problem with that?

Tip #4: Don’t hesitate to take a risk for your shoot

“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image via: Shutterdown PhotographyWhat is life without adventures and risks, right? We saw so many couples in the past year who went out of their comfort zone and ensured to kill it with their wedding videos and photographs on deserts, air and even underwater. From spotting the trending backpacking pre-wedding shoot idea to the underwater photo shoot for the unconventional couple we say that don’t hesitate to take a risk for your wedding video because girl we got your back!

Image via: Beginnings For You

Whether you’re planning a bridal solo performance like Mona Wahi or thinking to enter like Karen Desai Patel bride who went viral on the internet we suggest you to be yourself, don’t shy away from taking a risk or trying out something new that you/nobody has done it yet and have tons of fun with your partner in crime!

Image via: Vishnu Whiteramp

Trick #5: Go for short-span wedding videos to gain attention

Honestly, nobody today has the time to sit through long videos when they can be so monotonous, boring and feel torturous. 2020 has just begun and brides there’s so much you can experiment with your wedding shoots. Romantic to fun or quirky to emotional, make sure you include these emotions and elements in your wedding video to gain the highest amount of views.

Image via: Prashant Kumar Photography

P.S.: Keep it ‘SSS’ (Short, Sweet & Simple)

A short span of few seconds or minutes of a wedding video will work wonders rather than making a video of an entire hour video that people may not even watch.

Hack #6: Ask your photographer/videographer to share your wedding clip & repost it on Instagram & Facebook

Next hack is #6 where in you will be required to ask your photographer and videographer to share your wedding clip on social media sites like Instagram & Facebook. Also, don’t forget to repost it and ask your friends to share them on Instagram as ‘more you share is more you will get viral’.

Image via: Prashant Kumar Photography

Apart from sharing your wedding video clip and photo shoot make sure that you hire your FAVORITE wedding photographer or wedding videographer from The Wedding Brigade as good quality photos & videos will lead to  viral content on social media.

Tip #7: Never compromise on high-quality photos and cinematic wedding video

Following is the next & last tip #7 that talks about that NEVER-EVER compromise on high-quality wedding photography & cinematic wedding videography because this is one thing that you will keep & cherish throughout your lifetime. Book your wedding photographer today at the best rate for your 2020 wedding from TWB because at the end of it this will be a beautiful trip down the memory lane, which will pass on to your legacy because, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Image via: Sutej Photo; Sunny Dhiman Photography


Now that we have shared our tips & tricks for your viral wedding video and photo shoot – go ahead and start posting it on social media and create something unique, different and ‘hatke’ this year & don’t forget to book the best wedding & candid photographers in the country through The Wedding Brigade!

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