6 Elegant Decor Ideas For 2021 Weddings!

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You’ve decided your venue, picked out the outfit, and set the date. What comes next? The wedding décor of course. The decor you choose is going to set the tone for all of your events, and if like us you want to go for something breathtaking yet classic, visually stimulating yet not too overwhelming, then these 6 elegant decor ideas are perfect for you! 

Opulent Florals

Nothing speaks elegance like a rich floral arrangement. Whether its traditional options like roses and marigolds or modern ones like hydrangeas and orchids—flowers are going to be a huge part of your décor.

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Low Lying Chandeliers On Faux Ceilings

Low lying chandeliers especially above the dining tables create an intimate, warm and absolutely magical ambience. You can accompany the chandeliers with florals, exotic foliage, or anything that suits your theme —the sky’s the limit!

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chandelier wedding decor
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A Hint of Heritage

Heritage infused weddings are timeless and if you love this classic trend just as much as we do, you might want to have a look at these décor ideas. From a grand Rajputana inspired backdrop to something simple like a Persian rug, there are many ways of incorporating your culture to your wedding.

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Your Very Own Starry Night

Lights are to night weddings what flowers are for the day ones—they both provide a fairytale like magic. Have a look at these seriously extravagant setups that will put a sky full of stars to shame.

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fairy light decor ideas
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Frozen Land Fantasy 

Bring a Frozen winter wonderland to life with this unique wedding decor ideas and teleport your guests to a magical land of snow, and starry nights.

winter themed wedding
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Sustainable Decor FTW 

It’s 2021 and we can’t not talk about sustainable options for your wedding decor. From using no-waste elements for your mandap, to utilizing a garden or backyard for your smaller functions, sustainable decor is nothing but wholesome. PS- We love the idea of using empty liquor bottles for flower arrangements.

sustainable decor ideas
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sustainable wedding decor ideas
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So which one of these delightful wedding décor ideas will you be bookmarking for your big day? Let us know in the comments and keep reading The Wedding Brigade Blog for more of these ideas!

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