Wedding On Water: 5 Steps To Plan A Fairytale Cruise Wedding

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The pre-pandemic world was all about the “destination wedding”, as the world opens up and so do the number of options and possibilities, a rising trend in the Indian wedding industry has been the onset of the “Cruise Wedding”. While these typically are seen as luxurious out-of-reach affairs, they can be customized to suit common sensibilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning your cruise wedding to make your Dil Dhadakne Do fantasies come true!

Pick out a location you both love


Needless to say, a love for the open seas is non-negotiable –  a cruise wedding cannot be on the cards unless the bride and groom are both certified water babies. The second challenge lies in deciding where you’d like to set sail from! Locations like Goa, Dubai, Bali, Thailand, and the Bahamas are popular destinations worth exploring!

A Real-Life Proposal on Water:

Harshit and Naisargee Patel first met through an arranged setup. But the moment, Naisargee met Harshit, she instantly fell for his lovely smile. They got engaged on October 25, last year and for their engagement anniversary, they went for a trip to Dubai in 2021. It was there, Harshit proposed to Naisargee on a yacht. See the beautiful pictures from their proposal below.

Image Courtesy: Naisargee Patel
Image Courtesy: Naisargee Patel
Palm Atlantis
Image Courtesy: Naisargee Patel

Make travel arrangements well in advance

luxury cruise

The typical cruise wedding can last anywhere between 2 – 4 days on average. As such, it can turn out to be an expensive affair. Booking the cruise as well as the air tickets well in advance makes sense especially if you’d like to cover the airfare for close family.

Beware of Stormy Seas

wedding mandap

Choppy waters do not make for a pleasant wedding experience. Ensure you entirely avoid the monsoons as a possibility as well as the winters for certain destinations. While summer bookings can prove to be more expensive, sunny skies and tranquil seas are the best setups for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Nautical Themes

Romantic Proposal

While on a cruise, it can be easy to get carried away by having most events based around nautical or beachy themes. While this can contribute to the fun, make sure you switch it up with a disco night or even a neon-themed party to break out of the mold!

Pools and Sunsets

pool party

As most cruises have pools on deck, the setup lends itself extremely well to an unforgettable sundowner or a cocktail party. Remember you’re out on the open seas to see and experience them. Having as many events as possible above deck will only make them more memorable.

To sum it up, a lot can go into planning a successful cruise wedding – but with the right ingredients, it can prove to be a truly magical experience and an incredible way to start your new life together. So sail off into the sunset with your family and claim this experience for all you about-to-be newlyweds out there!

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