What is 16 Shringar & How You Can Get That Right!

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Ever wondered why Bollywood songs are high on the mention of objects of bridal adornment like bindi, jhumka, mehendi, kangna and ghungroo? We’ll tell you why. These objects and more, are what collectively make “Solah Shringar”. Bollywood never misses a chance to celebrate this ritual – The solah shringar ritual is a ritual of adorning the bride-to-be with 16 bridal jewelry and accessories that have a huge sentimental value. According to Hindu Scripture, each of these adornments is believed to enhance the bride’s beauty and establish her in this Goddess-like aura.

Maang Tikka

With the wedding season just around the corner, we bet that all you brides and grooms out there are slowly checking things off the list like deciding on the budget, the venue, the decor, the guest list, and leaving no stone unturned to make your D day a hit. If you are a bride-to-be, the most important thing that tops your list is your bridal ensemble. That being said, it seems fitting that we take you through this elating procedure of solah shringar and help you transcend into a beautiful and magnificent diva on your big day.  If you are already married, you can follow the ritual of solah shringar for Karwa Chauth, which is just around the corner.

Pre-Shringar Rituals


Traditionally, the intricate process of Solah Shringar commences with the oiling and washing of the hair. The hair is later perfumed with the warm smoke of sambrani (an incense) and tied into a traditional hairstyle, which is usually a bun or a long braid that is embellished with flowers and hair accessories.


The complexion of the bride is then enhanced with a mixture of turmeric powder, sandal powder, gram flour, and oil, which is applied as a scrub, and then follows the ceremonial bath.

Solah Shringar – Adorn yourself from head to toe


When it is your own wedding, you cannot ignore even the tiniest details! Right? Hence, today we draw your attention to the most petite part of your bridal look, i.e. a bindi. To wear a bindi or not to wear? Who thought that a tiny detail could beautifully redefine a bridal look. Amidst the sparkling jewels, a classic red bindi can never go wrong. But we are seeing brides experiment not only with their bindi color but also with styles. And we’re loving ittt!! So, we decided to flood you with immense inspiration and ideas that we found to take a cue from!

Deepika Padukone


bindi design


Sindoor or vermillion is a red-colored powder that is applied on parting of the bride’s hair. Put on by the husband during wedding rituals, sindoor is then applied by women every day to mark his presence in her life. In recent times, women adorn sindoor in whatever way and shapes they like. Some women prefer to not wear it at all. Here’s a bride who looks breathtaking with sindoor in simple open hair, revisiting the classic traditional bridal look on her wedding day, taking us all back to where it started!


Maang Tikka & Nath

Maang tikka and Nath are considered to be an integral part of every bride’s outfit. They not only enhance your bridal look but also are an important element of 16 Shringar. However, we do understand that finding the right maang tikka and nath can be tricky. The choices are endless – from a minimal one-string number with a diamond or Kundan solitaire to an embellished bejeweled number. So to make your life easy, we’ve curated some of our favorites below.

maanf tikka



Who doesn’t love kohl-lined eyes? Whether it’s the defined lips and kohl-rimmed eyes of the ’30s, the bouffants, and dramatic cat-eye flicks of the ’60s, the colored eyeshadow and underliner of the ’90s, or the edgier, smudgier styles that are popular now, kajal has always been central to Indian beauty and tradition.

Source: Shades Photography

Karn Phool or Earrings

A pair of earrings can really elevate your look and make you look effortlessly put together. You can either make or break an outfit if they’re paired with the right kind of earrings. So choose wisely!


Haar or Necklace

Did you know that one of the finest ways to ruin your outfit is by not knowing how to accessorize it correctly? Probably the worst damage that you could do to your outfit is wearing the wrong set of jewelry, specifically, the NECKPIECE. Thus, we’re here to do justice to your neckline, be it a top, or a blouse, or a kurta, by pairing the ideal neckpiece to the desired neckline. Head here to read on.

bridal jewelry
Source: Ujjwal Vanwari



Mehendi or henna is the most important ritual of Indian culture – be it a wedding, festival, or ceremony. When it comes to mehendi designs, anything fresh and new is always welcome! We have always kept you updated on the latest mehendi designs and trends, and here is a list of all of them!



Other Essential Accessories – Armband, Bangles, Haathphool, Payal, Toe ring, Bajubandh (Arm band) & Kamarbandh (Waist band)

It’s not always the necklace or mathapatti that gets the attention, ladies! Sometimes it’s something as simple as a gorgeous anklet or waistband that becomes the show-stopper! Yes, we love it when brides experiment with their hand and feet jewelry, and it makes the mehendi photos pop so much more! So very quickly, here are some styles that we loved at first glance!

Source: Neha Brackstone
Source: Hitched & Clicked




Hair Accessories

Hair accessories

We of all people are suckers for hair accessories, and when we come across accessories that accentuate your bridal bun or braid, we curate a list and share. We think it’s something that can really inspire brides to do things differently!

Read on and get inspired https://blog.theweddingbrigade.com/blog/bridal-hair-braid-bun-jewellery-accessories/


Last but the most important element of a bride’s solah shringar is perfume. Admit it- you probably haven’t given your perfume that much thought till now. Well, that is about to change because we think it’s just as important to pick up a gorgeous wedding day scent that describes ‘YOU’ as a bride so that people never forget the fragrance trail you leave behind while walking towards the mandap. Our sense of smell triggers our memories, and the scent you wear for your wedding will always remind you of your special day.


And that’s a wrap. We rounded up the entire process of getting your solah shringar right so that you don’t have to scroll incessantly for inspiration. Hope this helps!

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