12 Stunning Jewelry Pieces We Spot On Real Brides On Instagram!

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It’s not wrong to say that jewelry is one of the most important assets in any woman’s wardrobe. Although, if you’re a bride-to-be, it certainly becomes much more precious to you. Jewelry is that glue that pulls your entire bridal look together, making it all the way more luxurious and glittering. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Choose your wedding jewelry wisely because it’d speak a lot about you on your D-day. Thus, here are some gorgeous jewelry pieces we spot on real brides that we couldn’t help but write about!

1. The decked-up bride of stones and emeralds!


2. Temple Jewelry for the win!


3. The beauty in gold!

4. This unique kundan stone combination with green faux emerald is divine!


5. Gold kundan jewellery to match her red lehenga!

6. This bride pulled off a layered kundan jewellery like a Goddess.

7. Dull gold paired with a colourful saree is the way to go for quirky brides like this.

8. Floral choker and a floral hathphool. Enough said!

9. Talking about floral masterpieces, meet this bride!

10. Kundan and emerald studded gold jewelry is to die for!

11. This bride looks radiant in her red saree and contrasting jewelry.

12. There’s nothing like too much jewelry and this bride proved that!

Let us know in the comments section below if you’re a simplistic bride or an overboard bride when it comes down to jewelry. Looking for the perfect place to buy gorgeous bridal jewelry from? Head over to The Wedding Brigade Shop’s Jewellery section by clicking here if you’re a budget bride.

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